The unknown…

Where do I even start… I don’t know whether to continue with the savannah series or just let you in on what made me stop for a while.

I guess letting you guys know would be really fair then the series will continue, but first, I’m really disturbed by these rape cases and the ladies that are finally opening up about their ordeal, and I feel for them as a guy honestly. It is embarrassing and disgusting just to think that some men out there do these things. Lemme on behalf of all good men out there apologize for these acts that are just pure evil.

To all victims out there, I sincerely hope that you may find peace of mind and that of the heart. We all know nothing can ever and will ever justify rape, no matter the situation. See, my old man once told me to treat ladys and girls the way you would want someone to treat your mother and sisters, I’m sure if we could all learn this the world would be a better place.

Now with that out of my chest, what happened to me?? Let’s talk.

Honestly there is only one word to summarize it all, ANXIETY. It happened that I started thinking about my future and what I wanted it to be like, and those thoughts alone made me anxious af, not going to lie that stuff really was scary.

The reason I had anxiety problems and being scared about my future is because of the fear of the unknown or rather what awaits ahead. See, we all have a picture or a plan of how we want to live our lives and that of the family that may come and when you see that there are things that may derail your plans it becomes really scary.

For me being a 23 year old, soon to be 24 and still a medical student, I have goals that I clearly want to achieve by a certain period of time and I saw that I was still living off my parents, I knew this is one thing that would cost me my goals and that’s when the anxiety really kicked in. I knew I had to change things rather quickly.

I had these business ideas that I wanted to tell my parents about but I was scared cause I didn’t know how they’d react. So, I decided to approach them and told them everything, surprisingly they had positive reactions and they picked one and decided to let me try it.

So, I started to work on my project, thinking that I had faced the hardest part of it and that I had solved my anxiety troubles, I was wrong. Three weeks later I was in on the business and it didn’t start with profits as you’d think. Some days I would wake up at 3am for the hustle make some really good profits, and then the next day make bigger loses, and this is when my anxiety crept back.

I realised that every time I became anxious I made poor decisions and this made a negative impact on my hustle, which was bad. On the other hand I realised when I became very excited about the day it also made me make irrational decisions making negative impact also.

Then I decided to take a week off the hustle and try to work on myself. I have this one really good friend every time I feel I ain’t myself, I talk to her and she helps a great deal and so we talked, I told her about my anxiety, and she really gave me good advice and I notice that after awhile I was getting better and better, even later when I return to my job I found out that it was in a really good place with me having minimal anxiety.

Then finally towards the end of last month, everything started to fall in place and honestly it has never be better, I realised I was more happy and I had better judgement on things, and I had this thought that actually I may reach the goals I had on time or earlier. My anxiety stopped and the fear of the unknown stopped.

I didn’t want to write during those “dark” times, cause I felt like I would be lying to myself and all those that read my work. Since my anxiety stopped I’ve become more positive and want to have positive vibes with everyone.

It’s not that I don’t get anxious now and then. I honestly do but I learned to control it and make it work for me rather than against me. It makes sense to be scared cause it will give you a certain drive you didn’t know you had in you, which is a good thing to be honest.

Lemme talk to you, don’t be afraid to take risks in whatever you want to do moreover if it’s for your good. At least let’s try in our 20’s cause we do know that you lose 100% of the chances we don’t take. It’s better you try and lose than just be there in the comfort zone. You won’t know your capabilities.

Don’t be afraid of that idea, it maybe whatever but if works for you do it. Don’t give a damn of what people will think about you or how they will see you at least you trying and you better of than them who may be laughing at you. Let’s dig that.

Anyway that’s the reason that I stopped the blog for a while but I’m back now…also them online classes are really something else. I know we will manage irregardless. The savannah series will be in the next blog for those who follow it.

Ooh one last thing, my fellow men out there let’s protect the ladys rather than harming them and be the first in line to raise awareness about rape and the suffering victims, to help them heal.

See you soon peoples, be safe let’s wear masks in public and maintain social distance.




So, it’s literally been 6 days of me thinking whether to write this or not. Uhm…anyways I’m doing this, it’s 2am I’m watching the amazing Spider-Man while reminiscing this whole stuff I’m about to tell y’all.

Why name this “Savannah” huh?!! I’m about to tell you about this girl, imma be anonymous with her name but for now let’s call her Savannah…now that that’s out of the way let’s talk.

I cleared highschool in November of 2015, and 9 months later I joined college to undertake diploma in veterinary medicine.

So, this is where I met miss Savannah. It was probably on my second day of being in college that I saw her and boooooom, I was impressed. She was this 5ft 1 lady, with a curvey body, melanine beauty, she definately knew how to dress and she was very pretty. At least this was just what I saw physically.

In my heart I knew I wanted this girl to be mine and for sure your boy had a plan. That night while I was in my room with my roommate , I was like “ hey man, have you seen this girl who has everyone talking…she’s going to be my girl someday.”

Have you ever been corky, confident and shy at the same time???!! But also, scared knowing that you ain’t the only guy who has seen her… Yet I was so confident telling my roommate this.

Everyday for the next week I just kept smiling to myself when I saw her. Then someday I was with my roommate coming from buying groceries, I saw her coming towards our direction she was alone,(this was the only time she was alone, she’d be sorrounded by guys most of the time)…so I knew this was my chance to talk to her.

So I crossed to her side of the road, leaving my roommate with no caution. This was our actual conversation…

Me:hey you..
Me:so wassup with you?!
Her:nothing much just heading to the shops..
Me:ooh nice can I walk you there?
Her:well yea I don't mind.
“Inner me:🥳🥳🥳🥳🕺🏾”

So we talked for awhile and got to know each other pretty much while we walked. But we all know that the goal was to get her phone number. I had noticed that she loved to play ping pong in school, and I knew this would be how I’d get her number.

We were almost getting at the school gate that’s when I was like, “hey, let’s make a deal…since you play ping pong , let’s play and if you beat me I’ll get you some chocolates and if I win I get your number…”

Luckily, she agreed since she was soo good at the game. Well we planned that we will play that very same evening.

Fam…guess who won the game?!!! Yee this boy did 😂😂 boy was a highschool champion in ping pong, just hid his game from the lady, boy got the number…actually I saved the number as wifey cause I was that confident and optimistic about what would happen between us….

We started talking and talking and talking on phone endlessly….what happens next I’ll tell you in another part of this…tell me if I should continue if you like this…I’ll appreciate it.

Anyway I don’t care, so I’ll just continue this some other time, I’m sleepy and it’s now 4:23am…my mind is getting foggy, see you next time peoples…cheers and stay safe…

To be continued…

Minding self…

Uhm…where do I begin with all these, so I’m Daniel, a 23 year old guy, 6ft flat who loves to dance and listen to music alot and also a medical student…born in Kenya. I like to see myself as an optimist most of the time and believe in having goals and dreams, which can be achieved.

Anyway, for me I hate the ideology about religion, I mean don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to have his/her own beliefs but I believe no one is forced to have one. Personally I do love Christ.

Recently I started this journey of getting to better oneself…or as I call it “minding self”. Well it all started with anger…this stuff really had me on the wall. I never really knew where all this came from, but it affected people around me and those whom I loved.

Anger really caused separation in my life, which I do regret till today. I lost this girl I loved cause of anger, though I never did harm her physically, but if took the toll on her emotions. I wish time could reverse but well it can’t I don’t have regrets loving her, but have major pain about losing her.

So I had to take time and find ways to better myself, and that’s when I started reading about anger. By doing this I found alot which I needed to know…. Personality, people, love, emotions and health are among the few I study at the moment.

I think I should stop for now and let you guys pick what I should talk about. Now that you have a rough idea of who I am…let’s work on minding self….but first we will talk more about anger in the next blog.

Cheers guys remember stay safe.🙂